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Welcome to Lynnwood School! We are delighted that you are considering having your family as members of this great community of parents, students and staff.

We are an elementary school, conveniently located in the west end of Edmonton, just off 149th Street and the Whitemud Freeway. The school opened in 1959 and had an extensive modernization in 1999. Our school building is in excellent condition, offering bright, modern facilities for our students and staff.

Lynnwood School offers a regular elementary program, a district site for the Challenge Program (for gifted and talented learners), and a district site for the Community Learning Skills program (for students with moderate to severe cognitive delays). Because of this, Lynnwood School meets the educational needs of a very diverse student population of approximately 300 students from kindergarten to grade 6.

An active school co-curricular program provides opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Field trips and guest performers which support curriculum are provided through the generous donations of our School Council, fundraising activities and from the school budget. School programs and activities include intramural sports, school choir, hand bells, AMA School Patrols, running teams, community service, a library program, a mindfulness program to promote positive citizenship, and a variety of in-class leadership opportunities.

Our goal, to challenge all students at a level appropriate to their readiness and ability within an atmosphere of mutual respect and dignity, is advanced by working closely with parents as partners. Parents are actively involved with our School Council, as volunteers, and supporting classroom activities.

While our students achieve excellent results on Provincial Tests, our goal is to continue to emphasize student achievement in the core subjects. A safe and positive school climate for staff and students is a priority, and we rely upon, and value, the partnership of the home and the school. We work collaboratively with students and their families to provide the best educational experience and social opportunities possible.


Principal's Message

I have a favourite quote:

You will always stand taller when you kneel before a child.

As educators, nothing could be more true. Your children are why we are here at Lynnwood and it is our goal to ensure your children learn, grow and enjoy each day at school! It is a job that does make us stand taller with pride as we help children to become the best that they can be; to accept their own and others' strengths and weaknesses; to celebrate success and to see mistakes not as failure, but as an essential part of the learning process; to be accountable for their conduct and the development of positive relationships with others; and to assume their rightful responsibilities as learners.

It is our goal to provide our very diverse group of students with exceptional opportunities to grow as individuals, and to grow together as a group. This can only be accomplished through the combined efforts of an exemplary staff, and supportive and informed parents, who, together, hold common expectations for appropriate student conduct and student learning. Thank you for entrusting your children to us and we look forward to working with you.


Dr. Elizabeth Shen