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Special Education Programs

Academic Challenge Program (for Gifted and Talented Learners)

The Academic Challenge program is a district site program for students who have been identified as Gifted and Talented learners. This determination is made using a triangulation of school and standardized assessments and/or psychoeducational assessments completed by a psychologist.

All students in Alberta are taught a curriculum determined by Alberta Education. This Alberta Program of Studies forms the basis for the Challenge program. Gifted students are able to grasp concepts quickly and move through the basic curriculum more rapidly. In the Challenge program, students work to develop a broader and deeper understanding of the curriculum covered. They are grouped together for enriched, challenging and well-paced programming specifically designed to meet the special education needs of high-ability learners.

Edmonton Public Schools’ Fact Sheet for the Challenge Program

Challenge Program Fact Sheet

Community Learning Skills

The Community Learning Skills program supports students with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities and significant developmental delays. These students may have physical, sensory, medical or behavioural disabilities. Programming focuses on assisting students to learn and use basic academic, communication, and personal skills in the classroom, school and community.

Edmonton Public Schools’ Fact Sheet for the Community Learning Learning Skills Program

CLS Program Fact Sheet